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Hey, it’s that library girl again.



Impressive talent.


She takes off her clothes, then she positions the camera. Then she lays back and opens her legs and begins to play with herself.

But soon she stops doing it as a display - for us - and begins to play with her pussy the way she does when she’s alone. She is feeling herself the way she feels when she’s actually masturbating. Her hand blocks the view, her fingers are more concerned with doing herself than moving and rubbing as a performance.

That is when we move from spectator to voyeur, when the agreement between her self-positioned performance becomes a personal exhibition, almost whether or not we are there to watch her fuck herself or not.

And that is when her masturbation, her legs spread simply and naturally, become the language of eroticism. She is no longer an actress, she is an erotic creature we witness performing their own secret ritual.

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